It's Time For Change

So what's my story...Well, it's simple. My name is Des, I am the owner and creator of Occasion Favorz and my two apparel and accessories labels Empower Ball Gear and DesignBy De.

What can I say, of course, everything starts out as a dream. I've always known that I wanted to own my own business. So pretty much everything professionally that I got involved in I made sure that I got some benefit or knowledge towards me from it that would give me the tools in starting my own business. And while I would love to say that I've gotten all the tools, I can't but I am still collecting. With every post, every creation, and every video, I am gathering new ideas, better processes, and more. I am an artist, been drawing all my life but lost my passion for it for a while. I got it back when I realized that my artwork and creations are what is going to help me grow my business. I didn't want to just use what someone else created to sell as mine. I wanted it to be my design and my words.

So, I started my business with event design and decorations. I often enjoyed decorating with balloons and making table centerpieces, party favors everything in between. However, it can be very hard trying to plan for an event and work a full-time job. So, while I would continue to do it occasionally, I thought I would rebrand and go in a slightly different direction with my two labels Empower Ball Gear and Designby De. My business has existed for a long time now but it's time to GO ALL IN.

When I created my labels they were built on what I call A.I.M.E. Affirm, Inspire, Motivate and Empower. Why? Well, there are many times in my life where these four main words have kept me going. Yes, I've thought about giving up, calling it quits, just working 40 hours a week and only having the weekends to do anything else but I would be unhappy and always wondering what if? Now, I'm living my what if and the same four words that keep me going til this day, I hope can be an inspiration to others through my creations, designs, and words. Something so simple as inspiring words, which we sometimes take for granted, can be the greatest thing for someone else.

My goal is to show and create positive energy toward everyone's well-being, mentally and physically. I also want to show ALL my entrepreneurs NOT TO FEAR SUCCESS. That word success means different things for EVERYONE! And...sometimes it's not the fear of starting but the result of success that is feared.

So...I'm here! And I want to take this journey and share it with everyone. Demonstrating my business growth, my artistry, and my ability to learn, educate, inspire, and empower ALL!

Let's Work!