Affirm, Inspire, Motivate and Empower Yourself. New Blog Series!

Are You Ready to A.I.M.E?

I don't know about you but I AM!

What do I mean by A.I.M.E? Well, it's the very theme of this blog series and my brand...

"Affirm, Inspire, Motivate, and Empower."


My name is Desirae, the owner and creator of Occasion Favorz. A small business rebranded to service event design and decorating locally and now conquer Self A.I.M.E through apparel and accessories with my two labels Empower Ball Gear and DesignBy De.  It seems they are in different categories, but both sides work to service the same result. To provide happiness, bring people together to celebrate life, love, and everything in and between. They all give you a beautiful, joyful, and inspiring appeal visually. They offer a sense of happiness, excitement, and motivation. Just think about it. Have you ever been to an event and seen something, whether it was a decoration, a party favor, or a centerpiece, and it brought back memories of when you used to create similar designs; well, there goes your inspiration. It makes sense, right?

My goal with this blog is to give, if even just a little, bit of inspiration, be transparent, open to conversation, my small business journey, and show all about the work behind the scenes in being a small business owner, a creator, and a blogger. Talk about the struggles, the burnouts, and the roadblocks we all experience, whether it was the reason we started our small business or if it happened after. This mental state of mind of uncertainty that we fall into sometimes because of stress and that desire to succeed. All of this energy that we build up inside and forget to express or talk about that sometimes leads to more negative energy and doubt. So we get into this emotional state that we want to address but don't. Maybe, that we are afraid to talk about, and sometimes all it takes is an ear to be listened to.

Well, here is my first piece of transparency that has to do with business. I just launched my new website a couple of months and to somewhat no surprise I made ZERO sales! Now, this is not to encourage anyone to not take a chance on their business or keep going because that is entirely what I plan on doing.  And of course, I can say this now but at the time, yes I was upset, doubtful, and not so much angry but it just left me with the question, what is it that I need to work on to improve?  I've worked and wanted this for far too long to just walk away and it focuses on something that I experience within and amongst others.  So I want to share my journey, my struggles, good days, bad days, new products, and above all build a community around what a lot of us as individuals and small businesses are struggling with daily, which is to A.I.M.E.  Taking these struggles to promote A.I.M.E. through everyday apparel, accessories, and blogging that will provide a greater inspiration to get you and me through that next day, make that new product or start that fresh business.

So, I can't promise you that you'll be doing backflips at the end of every post but I do hope to brighten that light I know you have inside you to be your greatest YOU!

Every week there will be a blog built on the products that I create and vice versa. To offer a connection, inspiration, and creativity, and to empower you to follow whatever it is that will keep you motivated enough to get you to tomorrow.

Until Next Time...

A.I.M.E. and Conquer!

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